AvantCard [05:00] 24 animation styles 2021, director, screenwriter, animation

DSGVO? (children’s channel of German television ZDF) [1:17] 2D animation 2018; animation, graphic design

Behind the Beard [episode 1-7] FMX trailer 2018; character artist, animation

Piece of Woodland [2:07] Animation film 2016; director, animation

The Art of Cooking [3:15] Animation film 2016; director, screenwriter, animation

Nieuchwytne [0:30] Sand animation film 2015; director, animator
1st place, National Heritage of Poland

Jazz Orgy [1:00] FMX trailer 2016; colouration, animation

Sand at the Beach [4:15] Claymation film 2015: director, screenwriter, animation

Step by Step [1:00] Short Film 2014; director
2nd place in the contest „Deinblick in die Natur“

Nature Dance [1:00] Short Film 2013; director
Special Prize „Originality“ in the competition „Deinblick in die Natur“